Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prissy, Sissy, Faggots

I remember seeing these illustrations for the first time. The Prissy series still makes my clitty swell and tingle. These scenes made me want to dress and prance around like the swishy faggot I desired to be.I so wanted to be a girl

I wanted to serve a mistress
I remember my "dolly" getting so hard and swollen
My clitty felt so delicious

When I would cum, for an instant I actually was a girl

I felt so feminine

and sexyI loved to revel in being a girl
Being a girl made me so happy

So hornyI loved having sissy fun
Ready to cum in your panties gurls?


Totaldiscord said...

I love Prissy's art... the way the sissies' clitties are always dripping, the attitude of the women, and the humiliating situations... Yum!

dolli said...

ooooh yes dear, NO ONE produces such intensely fruity & enjoyable squirt-naughties as wonderful Prissy & her naughty frilly fantasy dolli-bois being trained & feminised by their strict Mumsies !
delicous !

Sweet Jessica said...

Me too, I just luv them! I wish so that my mummy and aunties would dressed me up like Prissys ^-^

Rubio said...

Those are great toons.

Andy said...

Those littlle peepees get SO hard don't they? And always leaking sissyjuice too...

annasissydoll said...

oh i love your site SO MUCH!!!
i want to be a sissy slut cockmilker!!!

annasissydoll said...

i posted a tribute to you lisabeth :)

Sissygurllikesit said...

Thanks so much! spent the daymilking cock on "Daddy's" bed! I am such a happy, horny sissy-bitch! Prissy's art showed me the way!